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Yatzee is a clasic dice game, in which your goal is to score as many points as possible,
by "building" sets of specific dice compinations.
Yatzy2004 includes both single and two player modes, in addition to a global scoring system.

Special features:
All Yatzy clients connect to a central server (TCP over port 1024)
All communications between server, clients & the local high score (stored on your computer) are encrypted.
I am using a non-synchronic variable authentication module (also written by me), which adds an encryption
header before the sent string.
Non-synchronic means that decryption is not possible when only having the encryption header.
This method is good if you don't care if someone is able to intercept the message & understand it's content,
but still want to prohibit him from making any changes.
The received message is authenticated by encrypting the original message, then checking the outcome
against the header contained in the message.
Any non-authenticated messages are rejected & cause client disconnection.

The server side is composed of 2 main elements:
1. Server application: Which handles all incoming connections
2. Server monitor: Which monitors the activity of the server application & blocks the assigned port,
in case the server app is terminated or crashed by a hacker

The server used for Yatzy2004 is still a beta & may not always function,
so if you're trying to send your score & get an error message, try again later.