C:\freeware>cd imagesorter2004
 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is 03F2-CEB7

 Directory of C:\freeware\imagesorter2004

01/01/2000   00:00 AM       <DIR>               .
01/01/2000   00:00 AM       <DIR>               ..
09/18/2003   09:18 AM                1,680,825  ImageSorter2004V1.3beta.zip
09/18/2003   09:18 AM                1,624,801  ImageSorter2004V1.2.1.zip
11/21/2003   12:03 PM                   45,357  Screenshot.jpg
04/09/2004   06:06 AM       <DIR>               Back

		4 File(s)       3,446,384 bytes
		3 Dir(s)    1,847,544,003 bytes free


A "one-click" image sorting utility, providing the ability to
quickly and easily sort hundreds or even thousands of images.
Choose an image directory, define a set of categories
and a "single click" shortcut keys for each, then start sorting.
I searched the web, but didn't find a better software for this purpose,
so if you know of such, let me know.

The beta version 1.3 includes TIFF file support & up to 30 hot key slots.